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Your Instructor


Your Paragliding instructor Kelly Kellar


 USHPA certified advanced tandem instructor.

It's all about turning people into pilots and teaching them to fly and fly well.

I'm very honored to have had people come from all across the land and from all over the world to learn to fly with me.

I feel truly blessed to have flown and taught obsessively 160+ days a year since

the early 90s, addictively circling up to cloudbase or

compulsively swooping and soaring along some ridge.

I always look forward to chatting it up with pilots and potential students.

I really enjoy helping pilots and students achieve their flying goals, skills and higher ratings. More exciting even still is getting the chance to meet you and introduce you to the world of freeflight

with a tandem instructional flight and or training you to fly !




Paragliding Kiting with Kelly Kellar

MAX ROC is a home based mobile business as store fronts only cost you more money.

We keep our classes small so you get the most out of it.

MAX ROC is centrally located right in the heart of the most diversified flying sites anywhere from world class coastal sites, valleys, mountains to

the world famous Columbia River Gorge and high deserts.

Learning to fly in such diversity really forces you to be a well-rounded

3 dimensional pilot, that is what we strive for.

Two words we hear a lot,  here in the great Northwest is


Epic, being flights of a grand scale.

Mecca, used to describe a place where pilots travel to for the enrichment of their


Reviews and testimonies

Kelly is a flying guru for real,
I learned to fly from this school a couple years ago. It was a great experience from an even greater instructor. The tandem experience is amazing. i highly recommend


Josh Sexton

"I can't stop reliving my experience with

Kelly. I took lessons from another school

and after i was signed off. I was still feeling a little nervious. So kelly took me

on an hour and a half tandem having me fly about half the time while he gave me

very useful input on staying relaxed proper flying techniques and reading the air. All the while he was working with 2 other students flying along side of us and following on the radio.
He is without a doubt very masterful and respected. I discovered I went to the wrong school and I want to say thanks

for everything.

signed: Anonymous or Obvious."

I learned to fly with the paraglidng bodhizafa Kelly Kellar  In 2008.

 His school gives you such versatility, from ridge soaring on the coast to thermal hunting in the gorge. This gives the pilot more experience to fly in any condition anywhere in the world. Kelly is a very patient teacher and is a consummate instructor. Even when your fully rated, he continues to provide the expertise and guidance to push you to the next level of flight.  MAX ROC pilots are known wide and far as some of the most well instructed pilots around.

His P2 cert is more like a P3 cert from most schools. Flying with MAX ROC is the ultimate in comprehensive paragliding flight instruction. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone who desires to learn the thrill of paragliding free flight.

Greg Hooper

A+ Tandems and School !
I learned to fly with my paragliding sensei Kelly in Peru and Chile some time ago.
If you want to see the world like the birds do, this guy is the tops ! If you want to continue and be a solo pilot, this is the most prestigious school in the great NW. and  beyond.


Gabriel E.

I took the MAX ROC PARAGLIDING performance coaching session. OMG I Learned more in 3 days with Kelly than I learned in my first couple years in the sport. I also had a chance to watch him teach maneuvers in the gorge. It was mind blowing. Kelly needs to promote himself more. it would be a benefit to us all.  

Very grateful had a great time.

Thanks again.

Paul V.

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