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Tandem Paragliding

Paragliding tandem

 is absolutely the best and easiest way to experience paragliding your first time out.

Tandem paragliding allows you to fly from a high site right away, with all the safety and comfort of having an advanced tandem instructor right there in the air and at the controls with you.

This is a great introduction to the sport for anyone wanting to learn to paraglide,

or those just out for an adventure day.


It is FANTASTIC ! and only   $195.00 


You can  expect to be launching from well over a thousand vertical feet and with  weather conditions permitting we will explore and exploit the rising air

currents to the maximum potential. 


* Add video of your flight  for $49.95

* We do offer gift certificates. 

Please  read our policy then call 1(971)396-9082 for availability.

Thanks we look forward to sharing some air real soon.

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