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Paragliding Lessons

 Learning to paragliding is an incredible amount of fun.

Expect to fly your first day.
Solo lessons start on the training hill,
working your way up higher and higher at your own comfort level.
All under instructor guidance building skills to move on to soaring high flights.

We keep our class size small so you get the most out of it.

Our focus is on you and real world flying.

You will be learning the art of kiting, all the finer points of ridge soaring, 

thermal flying and more.

  Your paragliding certification with MAX ROC is sure to be the best money you will ever spend in this sport.

  We supply all the gear and study material during your lessons.

  Your paraglider pilot certification with MAX ROC takes 6 - 9 flying days on average

* Most  complete the full program in 7 days.
Lessons are usually two days a week where we are out actually flying.
Followed with homework for the week, some reading, and videos to study. 

Your USHPA (P2) is only  $2,195.00 

After completion of your course you are not only welcome but encouraged to come fly with us as much as you like to learn new sites and continue to hone your skills.

at no additional cost to you. 

Your tuition includes your (P3) & (P4) ratings at no additional charge once you have completed the necessary number of flights and accumulated the appropriate amount of airtime.

It's going to be an amazing adventure.


The (P2) Novice rating takes you all the way to being a full blown pilot, free to fly with all the hot shot club pilots.

Please read our policy then call  1(971)396-9082 for availability and scheduling before making payment.

Thank you.

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