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MAX ROC is paragliding all over Oregon and southern Washington.

Learning to fly and buying gear should be a joyious event, and we want to be part of that for you.

MAX ROC is here to help you fly better, safer and to have more fun flying.

MAX ROC offers tandem paragliding  flights, beginning through advanced solo lessons, skills clinics,

paragliding gear sales and service.


1.) Read our policy.

Call for availability


2.) Prepay and book your flight

or lessons on this site.

3.) You will get an e-mail confirmation.

4.) We will text you the night

before with the meeting time and place, usually around 9:30pm.


5.) Please be on time. Dress for the temperature of the day a light jacket, water and snacks are not a bad idea.

6.) Paragliding is weather

dependant so in the rare event

that the weather is not in our

favor we will reschedule for a better day. It is all about staying safe and  keeping it fun.

USHPA is internationally recognized for the training, rating and certification of its members

and its role in the procurement and preservation of flying sites.

USHPA members  get the monthly hang gliding & paragliding PILOT Magazine.

Being a USHPA rated member makes you a part of a worldwide flying fraternity.


Your USHPA dues should be thought of as your annual pass to fly all the really good sites.

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